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Our current keynote project.

A defibrillator, or as its know now days, a AED ( automatic electro defibrillator) are popping up in places where they had never been seen before! And that’s a very good thing! Next time you and the wife or partner in a shopping Mall take the time to have a good look around.

Chances are you are going to see one or more  signs labeled AED over a glass fronted green box up on a wall somewhere. Wonderful! That means the management is doing the right thing. For what ever reason they have recognized the need.

But what about all the other places you frequent? What about the footy game, at the golf club, the local bowls club, the show grounds, even libraries and RSL clubs. Lets not forget Respite centers or your local bush fire brigade and SES….. The list goes on and on. They may all need emergency access to a defibrillator at some time!

But there is one organization that is never far away and is always on hand. Its your local Rotary club. And we are doing something about it! We are everywhere! From the sprawling capital cities to the far flung outback communities, far from the bright city lights, we are there. Helping our communities and doing good in the world.

At the time of writing the KINGAROY ROTARY CLUB  has purchased and distributed twenty two (22) AED units into our communities. The plan for the future is to ensure that all places where members of the public gather in numbers will be covered by a AED within the first five minutes of an cardiac event occurring.

We have also purchased nine (9) units for other Rotary clubs who also want to ensure that their local communities can benefit from the availability of a defibrillator where people gather for sporting or social events.



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  1. one of the recipients of a new AED, the community of Maidenwell in the foot hills of the Bunya mountains.

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