The Rotary Club of Kingaroy is a vibrant and active club with strong community connections throughout the South Burnett and beyond. The Club was chartered on 23 February 1949 and ever since then has gone from strength to strength. Our club meets every Monday evening for supper and club fellowship activities at the South Burnett Respite center located at the Kingaroy Senior Citizens center.

Over its 71 years of service, our club has been proudly involved in many local, district, national, and international projects and we will continue to do so into the future.

The Rotary Club of Kingaroy was created in the late nineteen forties, only two years after the end of hostilities of the Second World War. In this post-war era people, the world over were looking to re-establishing normality after a time of strife and sacrifice.

Here in the South Burnett, the desire for a return to an idyllic country lifestyle was slowly being realised. The trappings of war were being put aside and a happier and a new era was being ushered in. This was a time now dominated by a burgeoning dairy and peanut-farming era. A time of great agricultural growth in Queensland.

Today the country living is still considered idyllic by all of us who live here and progress and expansion have seen an increase in opportunities and living standards. For us, progress has not stood still.

New ventures and industries have come to the South Burnett. Our members now come from a wide and diverse range of interesting occupations and professions who bring to the club a wonderful rich cross-section of our community

Rotary Opens Opportunities